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Ways to Hire & Onboard Remote Workers

Ways to Hire & Onboard Remote Workers

Ways to Hire & Onboard Remote Workers Recruiting remote workers has shifted to become a main focus for many businesses. Prior to the pandemic, many companies had little to no best practices in place for recruiting, hiring and onboarding remote workers and had to...

Tips & Trick for Onboarding a New Hire

Tips & Trick for Onboarding a New Hire

Tips & Tricks for Onboarding a New Hire Finding a new employee may seem like the end of a journey, but a new one is just beginning. Ensuring a smooth onboarding process is critical. It’s not as easy as filling out forms and starting the new job. Having a...

Using Data to Help the Hiring Process

Using Data to Help the Hiring Process

Using Data to Help the Hiring Process Recruiting employees is vital to the success of your business, but it can be difficult to focus your efforts. Recruitment software can help your business analyze data to produce the best results.  Leveraging the power of data can...


Finding top talent in today’s marketplace has completely changed, and merely posting open job opportunities fails to draw in candidates. People want to find more than a job; they want to find a career that connects with their own values and goals, while making a difference larger than themselves.

There are companies with employer brands so strong that landing a job with them has become something of a status symbol. What makes these companies so successful at attracting potential employees is the message they’re sending out about themselves.

The work that these organizations have done to become employers of choice is no secret. So let’s take a closer look at the five great reasons it’s important to build an employer brand, and what you can do to get started right away.

  1. Recruiting – In today’s world, potential employees are looking at you from not only outside of your industry, but outside of your country. It’s imperative that the glimpse of your company that they’re getting aligns with what you intend for them to take away. To be sure that your brand is attracting the talent you’re looking for, be sure to offer up a realistic picture of what your company is all about.It’s important to have a dedicated careers page for job openings, as well as pictures and videos of your employees at work. Be sure to use real pictures of your employees, rather than stock photos, and record videos of employees talking about why they love working for your company, what a typical day is like, and specifics about their particular position. Additionally, be sure that the job descriptions you post are answering “what’s in it for me” for the candidate, rather than a long list of requirements about qualifying for the position. The job description should also be conversational, interesting, and unique. You really want to be sure that the “voice” of your brand comes through.
  1. Clarity – The most critical step in creating a strong employer brand is clarity. You need to be sure about what you stand for. You should be able to summarize what your company does and what your goals are quickly and concisely. What is your mission? What are your values? What is the vision for your company? Be sure that your social media and content strategies align with these objectives. Your messaging absolutely must be consistent at all times. There will be times when new technology or new messaging strategies appear to be working wonders for other companies and brands. Before getting too excited about trying out every new thing that comes along, you must ask yourself if it aligns with where you’re looking to go, and it if will attract the right people to your business. Your branding message should be so consistent that everywhere your clients or potential employees look, they’re receiving the same message.
  1. Culture – Your employees drive your culture. They build it, they live in it, and they talk about it. They are the people who will or will not be telling other people about why they should want to work there. Create a wonderful workplace culture. Foster a sense of community, provide consistent, strong communication so that your employees always feel like they’re being kept informed about what’s going on. Offer fun perks. Make your associates feel like they’re part of the “big picture”, and make sure that that big picture is meaningful. How are you different? Be sure that your amazing, unique culture is shared across your social medial platforms, on your website, and comes through in your content and messaging strategies. 
  1. Satisfaction – One significant opportunity to set yourself apart from other brands, is by offering a remarkable candidate experience. Be sure that the recruiting process is seamless and easy. Regularly communicate with your candidates to let them know how long it will be before they hear back from you between each step so that they feel engaged. When the interview process is completed, request candidate feedback to find out what they thought of their experience. Also, be sure to send out rejection letters that are warm, personalized, and unique, still matching your brand “voice”. 
  1. Retention/Engagement – A strong retention strategy begins with a well-structured onboarding program, which ideally begins before your employees first day. A key component to retention and engagement is creating an environment where employees feel challenged, valued and recognized. Encourage associates to continue learning new things, and provide those opportunities for them. Also encourage them to grow out of their positions and find new roles within your organizations. Stretch them outside of their comfort zones where appropriate, and recognize them for good work. Be sure that your employees understand how they contributed to the overall success of the organization.

Building a strong employer brand will differentiate your company not only because of what you do, but also because of who you attract. Be sure to have a strong, clear, and consistent message that conveys what you stand for, who you are, what you value, and what you’re striving for. Your company will be sure to attract the right talent who can’t help but want to be a part of what you’re doing and help get you to where you’re headed next.

To learn how The Applicant Manager can help you attract the right talent and help build your employer brand, contact us today!

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