TAM's Construction Recruitment Software Builds a Steady Pipeline of Workers

The construction industry is facing some unprecedented challenges.

What might come to mind immediately is material availability and pricing, tariffs, or tumultuous weather patterns that cause setbacks.

Forget all of that.

Instead, the biggest challenges for the construction industry today is labor — and our lack of it:

It seems construction recruiting solutions remain out of reach for most of the industry today. What are we doing wrong?

What’s Wrong with Construction Recruiting?

Construction recruitment is hard pressed to keep up with the demand for both skilled and unskilled labor. This worker shortage is simultaneous with high growth and expansion patterns in almost all construction sectors. From single-family homes to multi-use buildings, the construction industry continues to lead the country in new growth and expansion. But the labor shortage is one of the chief factors holding us back.

Developing a strategic approach that will provide construction recruiting solutions is something the industry simply hasn’t done. Some of the challenges thwarting consistent recruiting into the industry include:

  • Construction Misperceptions
    Construction has a reputation as a “dirty job” and we’ve done little to discuss how new technologies like geospatial 3-D mapping and drones in place of field engineering are changing the game.
  • Haphazard Recruiting Methods
    Do-it-yourself construction recruiting means that hiring teams often lack a consistent and proactive approach to bring talent to the organization. Today, placing an advertisement simply isn’t enough to fill the demand. Hiring teams must leverage technology to find new ways to attract and retain top talent. The alternative is that they will continue to fail in their efforts to find enough qualified workers.
  • Attracting New Blood to the Profession
    The contracting field, on the whole, lacks consistent recruitment strategies to attract new blood to an old profession. Contractor hiring teams are simply not doing enough outreach to underrepresented populations, whether it is veterans, women, or other demographic targets.
  • Worksite and Hiring Staff May Be Separated
    Your HR department and hiring team may be located somewhere quite a distance from the job sites you’re hiring for. An onboarding process that is slow, laborious, and requires travel either on the part of new hires or HR staff injects inefficiency into the hiring process.

Construction Executive says, “Contractors are not seeking the widest audience possible for expanding the pool of skilled workers, an approach they may not be able to continue as the challenge to find skilled workers continues to impact their business.”

The construction industry has taken a scattershot approach to a labor problem that will only be mitigated by consistently building a solid pool of labor. But there is a solution as close as the technology you use every day. Construction recruitment software is a concrete way to create a framework for your efforts to solve recruitment challenges.

Looking for Construction Recruiting Solutions? Look to Construction Recruitment Software

It’s a lesson every contractor should understand: Construction recruitment best practices should start with the right tools for the job. Construction recruitment software can solve many of the problems plaguing hiring teams today.

Recruiting is a time suck for any industry; Construction firms, especially the small to midsize companies, already struggle to manage the minute details of running their firm. An applicant tracking system can automate away much of the busywork associated with the recruiting and hiring functions, including:

  • Automatically posting new jobs to dozens of job boards.
  • Scheduling interviews and sending emails to applicants.
  • Making it easy to search for specific job skills from a pool of applicants.
  • Providing interview and communication templates as well as automating worker skills testing.
  • Facilitating faster background and reference checks.
  • Streamlining hiring by selecting the best applicants from the pile of resumes you receive.

Construction recruitment software is mobile-friendly, allowing you and potential hires to progress through the application process from mobile devices, rather than having to be at a desktop computer.

Technology can speed up the construction hiring process. Having the right technology tool for your construction recruiting efforts can help you counteract the effects of historically low unemployment.

How TAM Can Help

The Applicant Manager (TAM) is construction recruitment software designed to eliminate hiring bottlenecks. It provides customizable construction recruiting solutions to bring more qualified candidates to your business faster. This unique software will be the game changer for your construction firm’s recruiting efforts.

TAM is your one-stop technology resource to:

  • Attract Candidates
    With TAM you can create a customizable, mobile-friendly careers page to attract more candidates. The platform offers job posting templates and automation to push ads to dozens of online employment boards. It makes it easy for candidates to get in touch, see the job, and apply fast.
  • Improve Candidate Screening
    Build your pool of talent with TAM as the framework for your recruiting efforts. It’s easier to organize and screen applicants by profile rankings. Screening and hiring workflows can be automated and advanced searches allow you to find the perfect candidate to match the job requirements.
  • Hire More Candidates
    TAM offers calendar and email integration that takes away the busywork of scheduling interviews. You can automate the candidate approval process including everything from budget approval on the backend to background checks pre-hire. Reduce time-to-hire ratios by integrating with payroll and streamline credit checks and drug testing to get workers on the ground faster.
  • Improve Employee Retention
    TAM helps construction companies retain employees longer by improving the new hire orientation experience. Eliminate piles of paper with secure online paperwork and e-signature; print only what you need for on-premise filing. You can even automate video training to help with safety awareness from the first moment the new employee puts on a hard hat.
  • Increase Compliance Reporting
    Who isn’t worried about compliance these days? TAM users have the assurance of fully compliant candidate data collection. You’ll enjoy easy analysis for Affirmative Action plans and EEO, as well as all other demographic categories important not only for local, state, and federal compliance but for RFP and RFI requirements. Our reporting tools are simple to use, easily configurable, automated, and efficient. Reports open immediately in Excel or as a CSV file with just one click.

If your construction firm struggles to make sense of today’s harried hiring processes, TAM is the construction recruitment software designed specifically to help overcome these challenges.

See what TAM can do to improve your hiring efforts.