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Ways to Hire & Onboard Remote Workers

Ways to Hire & Onboard Remote Workers

Ways to Hire & Onboard Remote Workers Recruiting remote workers has shifted to become a main focus for many businesses. Prior to the pandemic, many companies had little to no best practices in place for recruiting, hiring and onboarding remote workers and had to...

Tips & Trick for Onboarding a New Hire

Tips & Trick for Onboarding a New Hire

Tips & Tricks for Onboarding a New Hire Finding a new employee may seem like the end of a journey, but a new one is just beginning. Ensuring a smooth onboarding process is critical. It’s not as easy as filling out forms and starting the new job. Having a...

Using Data to Help the Hiring Process

Using Data to Help the Hiring Process

Using Data to Help the Hiring Process Recruiting employees is vital to the success of your business, but it can be difficult to focus your efforts. Recruitment software can help your business analyze data to produce the best results.  Leveraging the power of data can...

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Ways to Hire & Onboard Remote Workers

Ways to Hire & Onboard Remote Workers

Ways to Hire & Onboard Remote Workers

Recruiting remote workers has shifted to become a main focus for many businesses. Prior to the pandemic, many companies had little to no best practices in place for recruiting, hiring and onboarding remote workers and had to do their best to adapt on short notice. 

Generating ideas for recruiting, hiring and onboarding remote workers can be a daunting task, especially if your business is not used to dealing with the unique challenges remote workers present. However, with the right approach and effective tools, your company will benefit from quality remote workers.

Recruiting & Hiring Remote Workers

Finding Top Candidates

The first challenge is finding and recruiting the best remote workers. Ideas for this task include some of the same strategies used for finding on-site workers and some that are unique to recruiting remote workers. 

  • Job boards are invaluable for increasing your pool of candidates when recruiting remotely. Just make sure the job description and, especially, the qualifications for the position are clearly stated and outlined. This best practice will narrow down the candidates before the application process even begins. 
  • Social media platforms are another great resource. But don’t rely just on professional sites such as Linkedin. Use Facebook, Instagram or your business website to promote the remote work – and don’t forget to make it shareable! 
  • Word of mouth is an important and often overlooked tool because it is so simple. All you have to do is tell everyone you come in contact with what you are looking for.  
  • Professional associations can be especially helpful if the remote position is for a freelancer or contract worker. These associations often have their own job postings that the remote freelancer or contract worker looks to for legitimate work-from-home positions. 

Remember, you are looking for the most qualified remote workers to recruit. Let your company’s core values be clear to the applicant while making sure the expectations and qualifications for the job are outlined with care. The goal should be to have a remote worker who can connect with the business’ ideals so that they will feel connected to the company and be able to become invested in its unique culture and its ultimate success.  


The most important aspect of the interviewing process is the interviewer’s preparation. You want to be clear from the start about your expectations. Don’t just consider the candidate’s on-paper qualifications. Ask questions that delve deeper than the resume. Consider unique strategies and use applicant tracking software to keep the process organized and seamless.

Test Projects 

After you have narrowed down your candidates, you may want to have them do a test project to see how they would handle things in a remote work environment. This is especially helpful if the prospective employee is new to working remotely. They, and you, may find that remote work just isn’t right for them. Remote workers need unique characteristics in order to be successful.

  • A proactive attitude 
  • An ability to prioritize tasks 
  • Excellent writing and communicating skills
  • A personality that thrives on being self-motivated
  • An ability to be open and honest 

Consider these qualities when constructing your test project. You can save a lot of time and money by narrowing down your search with job-specific tasks. You will also see how the candidates get along and interact with current employees. 

Onboarding Remote Workers


Once you have your new hires, the first step of onboarding remote workers is to have an orientation. Most likely, this will be virtual and can include welcoming, introducing and any paperwork that was not already completed. Orientation ideally gives the remote worker a sense of belonging and lets them know the hierarchy of the company. They need to know who they are reporting to and working with regularly. Questions from the new employees should be encouraged during this phase. 

The transition from orientation to full onboarding can take days to months, depending on the type of position. Best practices when onboarding remote workers include using training videos, keeping them engaged throughout the process and paving the way toward working on their first assignments.

First Assignments

When the team member has the necessary resources, they can begin on their first assignments. Depending on the task, these can be done alone with the understanding that questions to the person they are reporting to are encouraged or, these assignments can be done as a group through video, emails or other shared sources. The important thing to remember is that the employee may be remote, but they should not feel alone or disconnected from the company culture and other team members. 

Continued Support

A good way to offer continued support is to have clear objectives for a certain time period. For example, work with your remote workers to set 30-, 60- and 90-day goals. These goals will help keep the remote worker engaged and on-task. It will also give you the tools you need to assess the work done and to improve your onboarding process in the future. 

The Applicant Manager

TAM offers the right tools for you to find the right candidate. Learn more about our features to see if TAM”s cloud-based solution is a good fit for you.

Tips & Trick for Onboarding a New Hire

Tips & Trick for Onboarding a New Hire

Tips & Tricks for Onboarding a New Hire

Finding a new employee may seem like the end of a journey, but a new one is just beginning. Ensuring a smooth onboarding process is critical.

It’s not as easy as filling out forms and starting the new job. Having a consistent, user-friendly process can ensure the new employee is happy and productive from the start.

Read on to learn how The Applicant Manager software can help streamline your company’s onboarding process. 

Have All Information in One Place

Ideally, a new employee will already be familiar with your company’s mission and goals. They should appear in the Careers section of your website, and they should be reinforced during the interviewing process.

A new employee will receive a lot of information about your company; there’s no way around it. So having all of the information in one place is important. That way, important papers don’t get lost, and the employee can plan on how long it will take to get everything finished. 

Instead of just dealing with human resources, your new employee will soon be working with other departments in the company. The right software will share information company-wide to ensure a smooth transition.

Use Technology for Easy Signing & Storage

Getting a new hire’s paperwork finished is easier than ever these days. Onboarding software can help accomplish this task whether the new employee is using an iPad, laptop, or even a smartphone. 

This can simplify a daunting task, as new Twitter employees have more than 75 steps in the onboarding process.

Some of the best practices for onboarding a new employee include:

  • Giving them significant responsibility from the beginning
  • Assigning a personal mentor to each new employee
  • Welcoming them with decorations and company merchandise
  • Assigning “buddies” to make remote workers feel welcome
  • Setting up “coffee times” to connect them with company leaders

Save Time for You & Your New Hire

Much of the legwork of onboarding a new employee can take place before they even walk through the door. Setting up the phone and email system in advance will save time for the new worker and fellow employees who would otherwise have to find time to help them.

How you treat a new employee on the first day will go a long way toward ensuring their future happiness. The immediate supervisor should be close at hand and should personally introduce the new employee to team members.

Treating new employees will not only ease their anxiety, but it will also allow them to settle in for a successful career with your company.

The Applicant Manager

The right software is essential to a smooth onboarding process. The Applicant Manager can ensure that paperwork is filled out and organized properly.

TAM can help you ensure proper compliance with hiring laws while making the overall onboarding process as smooth as possible. Take a look at all of the features The Applicant Manager has to offer.

Using Data to Help the Hiring Process

Using Data to Help the Hiring Process

Using Data to Help the Hiring Process

Recruiting employees is vital to the success of your business, but it can be difficult to focus your efforts. Recruitment software can help your business analyze data to produce the best results. 

Leveraging the power of data can improve your recruiting process exponentially. It doesn’t replace your people skills; it focuses your efforts in the right direction to find the best job candidates.

Read on to learn the benefits of data driven recruiting. 

Measure Effectiveness of Job Postings

No matter how much effort you put into writing the perfect job posting, you have no guarantee that it will attract the intended target. 

Your recruiting software can help by keeping track of the applicants for each job. Once you know where your quality leads are coming from, you can focus more of your recruiting efforts in that direction.   

Cost of Hire

Having accurate data on hand can help control the cost of hiring new employees. Advertising is not the only factor to consider. Don’t forget the cost of how many hours it takes to locate, interview and onboard new employees.

You may need to increase or decrease your job advertising budget. You can determine how large a pool of applicants you need to produce each hire and adjust accordingly. 

Time to Hire

The sooner you can fill job vacancies, the more your business will run at peak efficiency. Data driven recruiting can allow you to track the email exchanges between recruiters and job prospects.

This allows you to analyze your process and streamline the communications pipeline. If the hiring process is taking too long, the data can help you discover what is causing the bottleneck.

Workflow Analysis

Data driven recruiting also helps you to analyze the hiring process to ensure efficiency and compliance. 

By using a consistent set of interview questions and assessment tests, you can bring in right job candidates while making sure you are following anti-discrimination laws.

Some of the best data you can collect is feedback from the candidates themselves. They can rate the user-friendliness and effectiveness of your hiring process and make helpful suggestions for improvement.

Collecting data can be essential to solving your hiring problems. If you have trouble finding qualified candidates or if the process simply takes too long, the data can point out what is going wrong.

The data can also help you avoid low job acceptance rates or high turnover among new hires. Incorporating data into an overall hiring plan will ensure that new hires will remain effective and help you achieve your long-term business goals.

Determine the Data with The Applicant Manager

The Applicant Manager (TAM) software has all the tools you need to track the cost, time, and sources of your new hires. You will have ample data to analyze your hiring process and make it more effective. 

TAM is simple to use and incorporate with your company’s current practices and recruiting strategy. It can help you streamline the hiring, onboarding, and compliance processes while producing useful data that can benefit your company in the future.

Take a look at TAM’s features and see how it can benefit your business.

3 Surprising Ways an All-In-One Solution Will Disappoint You

3 Surprising Ways an All-In-One Solution Will Disappoint You

Let’s say that, for your next date-night, you choose the new fancy steakhouse in town. Their chef is world-famous, and you’ve never seen such stellar reviews for a pricey steak dinner. They promise to cater to your every need for the evening, and the meal does not disappoint. That is, until your dessert arrives. Where the rest of your dinner thrilled, your bland, boring soufflé falls, literally and figuratively, flat.

Sure, you might go back for that killer steak, but the next time the waiter asks if you’d like a dessert menu, you politely pass, despite your insistent sweet-tooth. Why would you settle for a lackluster lava cake, when the best bakery in town is right down the street? The bakery staff are experts in their craft, and their passion and expertise are reflected in their unique creations and uncompromising service. You know that their meringues and macarons will never, ever disappoint. Dessert is important! Why would you compromise? read more…

The Benefits and Advantages of Job Video Interviews


The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the employment marketplace, and one area which it has definitely impacted is that of the interviewing of candidates.

When states across the country first started implementing lockdowns in 2020, in-person interviewing was hard to come by. However, that didn’t mean employers didn’t still have hiring needs. Of course they did. What it meant is that employers now faced a greater challenge in their pursuit of top candidates for their open positions.

Video interviewing to the rescue! read more…

Tips To Know About Applicant Tracking Systems

Tips To Know About Applicant Tracking Systems

5 Tips to Know About Applicant Tracking Systems

Looking for an applicant tracking solution that can simplify your HR experience? With the right ATS, you can analyze, track, and strategize your talent acquisition processes better. Expect more than a system that helps attract and hire qualified candidates. You want a solution that can give you a competitive edge by helping you with the following:

  1. Connect Recruiters to Qualified Job Seekers
  2. Grow Your Pool of Candidates
  3. Seamlessly Integrate with Job Boards
  4. Customize Your HR Experience
  5. Create an Inviting Candidate Experience


1. Connect Recruiters to Qualified Job Seekers

Your company is typically hiring for multiple positions at the same time. Applicant tracking systems serve as a data bank for all your hiring processes, helping make searching easier by automated the process and avoiding human error – saving you time, resources and money. And more sophisticated solutions offer functionality beyond talent acquisition to provide for professional development and employee retention. The Application Manager (TAM) is a cloud-based, collaborative solution that lets users track job postings and actively engage quality candidates. TAM provides tool sets that allow recruiters to review, select and share applicant information within the hiring teams that are posting open positions with your organization. 

The right tools help attract the right candidates:

  • Job posting library
  • Custom workflows
  • Requisition approval
  • External recruiter portal
  • Custom user access levels
  • Custom online application for employment
  • Social networking integration
  • Reporting tools

2. Grow Your Pool of Candidates

Hiring the right people helps create an attractive working environment. And the best candidates are often the ones that aren’t looking for a job. An optimized ATS solution will allow candidates to apply directly and be automatically added to your database. Look for a solution that grows with you and doesn’t limit the number of candidates you can add. And your career site should be fast loading and optimized for mobile so candidates can apply from their smartphones. 

3. Seamlessly Integrate with Job Boards

The best ATS solutions offer customizable functionality like job board and career site distribution, candidate outreach, and applicant communications. You’ll find the ease of one-click posting to a host of free and paid job boards saves you hours of administrative time.

For example, TAM ATS software enables you to:

  • Create Automated or single click pushes to over 100 Free Job Boards including Indeed, GlassDoor,, ZipRecruiter and Google
  • Post to 1000’s of Premium and Niche Boards including Dice, Career Builder, Zip Recruiter, HCareers and Stack Overflow
  • Post for OFCCP requirements through America’s Job Exchange and/or National Labor Exchange (NLX)

4. Customize Your HR Experience

Look for an ATS solution that can drive you HR goals. An ATS like TAM is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. There is no need for time intensive training or long implementation periods. You’ll find that TAM can easily integrate with the recruiting practices you already have in place. Access and easy-to-use system with an easy-to-edit dash that can adapt and scale to your most important processes:

  • Collect and manage candidate data
  • Match candidate information with career profiles
  • Create notes to records
  • Track all email interactions
  • Update records in real-time

5. Create an Inviting Candidate Experience

TAM’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for candidates to find and apply for the right careers – offering a convenient, timesaving autofill option when they apply for positions. And systems like TAM offer important follow up with candidates. The biggest complaint job seekers mention is HR departments that neglect to respond to application submission status, or worse yet, interview follow up. With TAM, it’s built into the workflow and easily customized for each specific scenario. 

The Applicant Manager 

You focus on finding and hiring the best candidates – We’ll take care of the leg work.

When it comes to choosing the right ATS match for your business needs, offers user-friendliness, and delivers reporting capabilities, flexibility, and the level of integration that work to support your operations. Attracting and hiring the right talent for the job is easier, faster, and more efficient with an Applicant Tracking System like TAM’s cloud-based solution. You’ll find that TAM streamlines job posting, candidate selection, and your onboarding processes. Look for an HR solution that can dramatically reduce your time – from posting and applications, to vetting, hiring, onboarding, compliance and reporting. Ask about ease up upgrades and access to tech support. And expect transparent, affordable pricing – no set up charges, no training fees, no hidden service charges. Find all of this with TAM – offering one of the most versatile features packages of any applicant tracking system available on the market today.

Discover how TAM can support your HR goals. Request A demo.

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Overlapping Caution, Warning, Danger and Hazard Tape Background In an effort to continue working toward closing the gender wage gap, more states are enacting laws that prevent an employer from asking a candidate or applicant for compensation history.

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