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Ways to Hire & Onboard Remote Workers

Ways to Hire & Onboard Remote Workers

Ways to Hire & Onboard Remote Workers Recruiting remote workers has shifted to become a main focus for many businesses. Prior to the pandemic, many companies had little to no best practices in place for recruiting, hiring and onboarding remote workers and had to...

Tips & Trick for Onboarding a New Hire

Tips & Trick for Onboarding a New Hire

Tips & Tricks for Onboarding a New Hire Finding a new employee may seem like the end of a journey, but a new one is just beginning. Ensuring a smooth onboarding process is critical. It’s not as easy as filling out forms and starting the new job. Having a...

Using Data to Help the Hiring Process

Using Data to Help the Hiring Process

Using Data to Help the Hiring Process Recruiting employees is vital to the success of your business, but it can be difficult to focus your efforts. Recruitment software can help your business analyze data to produce the best results.  Leveraging the power of data can...

Why TAM is the Google Hire Replacement You’re Looking For

by | Oct 10, 2019 | Google Hire

Google Hire alternative

Some things are better left to the experts. While Google has proven itself a tech dynasty, it can’t win at everything. Google Hire, the tech giant’s recent venture into the world of recruiting, intended to support small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs), has announced plans to close as of September 1, 2020.

While Google has launched tools many probably can’t remember living without, the realm of recruiting is a unique, varied world with nuances best understood by experts and practitioners who live and breathe talent acquisition.

Some of the Google Hire features are attractive; it’s intuitive, easy to navigate, easy to contact candidates with, and it provides constant updates. It’s simple enough, but are you okay with settling for “simple enough”? If you find yourself caught in the upheaval of the Google Hire announcement and scrambling for a replacement, let’s explore an alternative.

Good Recruiting Isn’t Good Enough

In today’s labor market, good recruiting isn’t good enough, which means “simple enough” recruiting software will make it difficult to confidently sell your brand and make you an employer of choice. Even small organizations don’t need to settle when it comes to an applicant tracking system (ATS). The key is finding something within your price range that still checks all the boxes. What are those boxes? Let’s look at the features provided by The Applicant Manager (TAM) to see if we can’t cover them all.

Customizable: TAM is customizable in several ways, including controlling which users have access to specific features and controls, privatizing information when appropriate, and creating job postings in line with your company’s brand.

Reporting Capabilities: Recruiters need to make the most of every minute of their day. The last thing they have time for is manually tracking and reporting data. TAM provides the ability to create custom fields at the position and applicant level, and, of no small importance, they are searchable and reportable.

Searching Capabilities: A common complaint among recruiters is finding a tool that exemplifies the difference between an ATS and a robust ATS with candidate-management capabilities. You want a tool that allows you to easily search a database of past applicants. TAM is known for its strong Boolean and other search options, meaning no more hard-copy resumes saved in a file drawer, spreadsheets of names, or lost candidates.

Access and Decision Making: An ATS tool should be accessible to anyone who supports, or is otherwise involved in, the talent acquisition process. This includes external recruiters. TAM is customizable in that external search partners can utilize the tool in a fully integrated fashion with your team. What’s more is that making decisions on whether to move forward with a candidate is simple, visible to all necessary users, and, again, reportable.

Integrations: You use quite a few other solutions to do your daily work. We get it, and we understand. That’s why TAM natively integrates with things like Gmail, Google Calendar, Outlook, and other email and calendar systems to help manage and track your hiring communications and planning.

Communication: In order to move quickly on filling critical roles, or ensuring that you don’t lose a strong candidate, recruiters and hiring managers are looking to communicate with candidates – and with one another – as efficiently as possible. Having a tool that allows you to email a candidate, attach interview documents, and create notes, without leaving to utilize another platform, can be a game changer.

Pricing: G Hire does have a decent pricing model, but TAM, you will find, is also a cost-effective system with the option of free unlimited interviewers. This means that even SMBs can afford to have a recruiting tool that helps them stay competitive when vying for top talent.

Service: Last, but perhaps most important, is the personalized service the experts at TAM provide. You won’t be directed to an overlong user guide or be required to attend a new user webinar. You’ll receive direct, live support from a real person who is invested in helping your team find success.

If you’ve been using Google Hire and now find yourself in the market for a new option, give the professional experts at TAM a call today to hear more about its features and the many benefits of working with a proven leader in recruitment technology!