Terry Coonan - Senior Recruiting Consultant

Terry Coonan is a self-described “recruiting smoke jumper.” What exactly does that mean? Put simply, Terry builds and fixes recruiting organizations. And he’s been doing it for a long time. As a senior recruiting consultant with over 75 ATS evaluations in his career, Terry knows exactly what to look for in an ATS platform.

The Challenge

One of Terry’s client organizations, a $2.5 billion travel company, had always relied on referrals and other organic solutions to grow its employee base. It wasn’t until the company’s growth outpaced its existing hiring methods that the need for a professional recruiting function arose.


The first step in Terry’s tried-and-true method of choosing an ATS is simple: narrow the options down to three and go from there.

Like many looking for an ATS, cost was a factor in Terry’s final decision, preferring to find a cost-effective solution that wouldn’t break the budget. With TAM, he found a vendor that felt more transparent about costs than the others.


Once he came to understand TAM’s functionality and affordability, Terry knew he’d found the right ATS for the job. “It provided the solution I needed,” he says. “I was shocked by how much functionality [TAM] had. It was just stunning how simple of a product it is.”

Read the Full Case Study

Want to learn how TAM helped Terry Coonan improve his organization’s recruiting and hiring process? Download the full case study below!

“ TAM is by far the best support user experience I have ever encountered in the ATS marketplace. “

Terry Coonan
Senior Recruiting Consultant